App for managing our diabetic life.

Make our life more simple with some smart tools.

Compute insulin dose

The right dose of insulin depends on the blood glucose and the amount of carbohydrate in the meal, but also at the time of day.

Save all your data

Diabete-calc 3 can save all your data about your diabete, like blood glucose, food, insulin and long-acting insulin.

Take it everywhere

Diabete-Calc 3 is a web application you can use Chrome with 'save on Desktop' feature to create an offline application.


Why use it?

For diabetics by a diabetic

I am a diabetic since 2007 and a computer enthusiast since 1988. I have been a professional developer since 2005. Naturally I use my passion to better understand my disease and to better manage it.


Diabete-calc is designed to be usable on each device (smartphone, computeur or tablet). You only need to know your login/password to connect on and save or compute your diabetic’s data.


Since 2013, I work for an online payment startup. I know well how to secure an application on the internet. Diabetes-calc therefore benefits from a very good level of security which is necessary for an application receiving your personal data.


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